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Worthiness Blessing Meditation

Subconsciously, we often accept that we cannot have what we want. At some point in time, there may have been an event that told some part of you that you were not worthy of having [fill in the blank]. It could be a job. A relationship. A home. Your health…

But the truth is that we are ALL worthy of all good things.

There is nothing you have done and nothing that you can ever do to make you unworthy. You are worthy, just by being alive and on this planet.

When we want to change our beliefs, we must claim what we want to receive and then, through repetition, continue to kindly remind ourselves that it’s true. Over time, you will see it and you will believe it.

From a tiny acorn, springs a mighty oak.
Plant the seeds and keep watering the soil.

You are worthy of all good things.

Download the Worthiness Blessing meditation here.