Thrive Supplements

What it is:

Thrive is a nutritional support and wellness brand that makes patches, capsules and shakes designed to support your body’s overall wellness.

Why I use it:

The Thrive products have been a game changer for me and helped me move out of adrenal fatigue and off of almost all caffeine (I was a caffeine addict when I started taking it.) It helped me to have more consistent energy levels, which gave me the strength to exercise more consistently, even when I didn’t feel like it. That has continued over time, which has contributed significantly to my overall strength.

Noticeable changes:

I still had significant auto-immune challenges when I started taking Thrive. I attribute Thrive to supporting my gut and immune system with nutrients that have helped my body to recover from depleted adrenal glands and high cortisol levels.

In particular, Thrive helped me:

  • Hold chiropractic adjustments (this was a very quick change over the course of just a week or two)
  • Clearer cognitive function (no more foggy brain, which is why I relied heavily on caffeine)
  • Better digestion (the capsules have a lot of good probiotics in them)
  • Overall strength and energy levels (I found I was able to lift more weights and do more strenuous exercise. Shortly after taking Thrive, I switched from Flow 1 & 2 yoga to Hot yoga, which promoted more gentle detoxing.)

What I take:

Other notes:

  • Sculpt is a key part of my Thrive protocol. I found even more energy, physical strength and clearer mental cognition when I added Sculpt.
  • I occasionally had IBS symptoms prior to taking Thrive. The longer I take these products, the healthier my gut function has become.
  • Thrive did not help with weight loss. This is probably the most interesting element about my Thrive experience. I wanted to lose weight and I did not lose weight for over a year on this product. After 1.5 years, I did experience an almost overnight weight loss, but it came 6 months after very consistent, daily exercise.
  • Thrive and Sculpt DID help with overall muscle tone very quickly. So, while my weight did not change, I was swapping fat for muscle mass.
  • You may need to experiment with the patches. If you use the patches, you may want to try a few different ones to see which ones you like best. I started with the DFT Black patches, followed by DFT Ultra, before settling on DFT Burn Duo.
  • I have been taking Thrive for almost two years and I think it continues to build on itself. While I noticed some changes almost right away, I continue to see regular small improvements. Particularly, with my adrenals, I have continued to notice less stress sweat and more presence in my body (less fight or flight response).
  • I do not take the shakes which are listed as a core part of their program due to artificial sweeteners in them.

Where to buy:

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