Oxylent Multi-Vitamin

What it is:

Oxylent is a daily multi-vitamin that dissolves into water and supports overall hydration.

Why I take it:

I started taking Oxylent several years ago to support overall hydration. In the evenings, I frequently had debilitating back spasms and Oxylent helped to reduce and eliminate those spasms, even before I found out about TMS. (I suspect that TMS may cause very mild dehydration in the tissue due to chronic fight/flight response and mild oxygen deprivation.)

Oxylent is not hard on my stomach like other multi-vitamins and seems to be easily absorbed since it is consumed in water.

In addition to supporting overall hydration (athletes often take it instead of other hydration supplements like Gatorade), Oxylent is effective in replenishing electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids. I take Oxylent instead of more common immune boosters like EmergenC and when traveling, I make sure to keep more on hand.

Oxylent also is helpful for those of us with MTHFR gene variants as it uses methylated folate instead of traditional folic acid.

How I take it:

In addition to Calm Magnesium, I take Oxylent every evening before bed. While I no longer suffer from muscle spasms, I now take it as a general multi-vitamin and for ongoing immune support.

There are several flavors available, but Mandarin is my favorite.

Other notes:

In addition to the multi-vitamin powder, Oxylent offers prenatal & children’s vitamins, sport and immune variations.

Where to buy: