Melt Method Hand and Foot Balls

What it is:

Melt Method hand and foot balls work on the pressure points in your feet and hands to release stored stress and tension within our nervous system and rehydrate the body’s connective tissue, supporting the neurofascial system (nervous and connective tissue system). 

Throughout daily life, we accumulate and store stress and tension in our bodies. This happens both through physical stressors, like sitting all day or running, as well as through emotional stressors that produce physiological changes in our bodies. It is this stress that creates tension patterns in our bodies and dehydrates connective tissue. By taking care of the soft tissue, we can help our bodies maintain better overall health, reduce pain, and prevent strains and injuries.

Why I use them:

These balls work similarly to a reflexology massage, but I find that this produces better results and you can use them anytime at home or on the road (they are especially helpful when traveling). The Melt Method balls help relieve tension not only in the feet and hands, but also in the calves, hips, glutes, shoulders and neck.

How they work:

Check out this video for information on how the Melt Method balls work, as well as a tutorial on how to use them to release tension in your feet.

Foot benefits:

I used to travel a lot and wear a lot of heals – these balls are especially helpful to relieve tension in my feet and shoulders. I find that when I run a lot, my hips and glutes get tighter, which affects my feet and specifically, my arches. Tight arches and tight hips tend to impact my yoga practice, which then decreases my ability to balance.  The Melt Method balls help me to stay more active, with fewer aches and pains.

Hand benefits:

If your hands, arms, shoulders or neck get tight or tired, especially from repetitive work, Melt balls can help. Just like with our feet, we store tension in our hands/arms/shoulders/neck. I don’t normally have pain in my hands/arms, but I do occasionally have some in my wrist, due to arm balance postures in yoga. The Melt Method balls help to relieve that tension, which helps me to have a better yoga practice and also prevent injury. 

How to use them:

The Melt Ball Hand and Foot kit comes with instructions on how to use the balls and the order in which to use them. The most important part of the exercise is breathing when activating each pressure point. Similar to yoga, EFT and acupuncture, the Melt balls reset points within your nervous system that are tied to various organs, which supports your overall health. Incorporating your breath into each exercise brings in healing energy that helps to clear blockages and tension. You can see more about how and why the Melt Method works on their website.

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