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Ionic Foot Detoxification

Ionic foot detoxing actually kicked off the detoxification protocol that I use today. Prior to using a foot detox machine, I used Chinese herbs about once a year to detox my liver. I prefer not to take supplements if I don’t have to, so now I incorporate ionic foot detoxes into my regular detox routine.

What it is:

An ionic foot detox machine is an electric device that gets connected to an array that goes into a foot spa filled with water. Once it is turned on, the array will work with an electronic sequence and the water to balance your body’s PH to be more alkaline and pull toxins out of your feet.

The word on the street:

The established medical community will say that foot detox machines are nothing more than a natural change in color due to the connection between the water, the array and the air. What I have found is that it does do something. My feet and legs are much more relaxed after a session (much more so than a massage or pedicure). I also find that if I am sick or haven’t used the machine in a while, I will have darker water or more bubbles.

Different people’s water will be different colors depending on what toxins you are releasing. If you are an athlete who sweats very regularly, you may not need to use a detox machine as you may already be getting toxins out of your body through sweat.

Conversely, if you drink a lot of alcohol, smoke or consume a lot of processed foods, your water may be darker and more sessions may be necessary.

Depending on your genetic makeup, you will likely have a dominant “color” when you use the machine. For example, one of my girlfriend’s is always a light, yellowish brown color when she is done. Mine is more in the orange/brown category.

I’m not going to pretend that I know all there is to know on the foot detox machine – just that it seems to work. 

Below is without question, the grossest photo that I ever plan to share (sorry!!), but a picture paints a thousand words. 


Before & after 30 min detox session

How to get started:

You can often find spas (usually Chinese foot spas) who offer these sessions. More mainstream spas will sometimes offer them as well.

I when I got started, I did one session per week for six to seven weeks. My water did start to get less dark and gross and my legs (especially my calves) were feeling much more relaxed and retained less fluid, so at that point, I transitioned to a maintenance schedule. A normal session is 30 minutes in length, which seems to be sufficient.

Today, I use the foot bath every 4 to 6 weeks.

Where to buy:

You can purchase them on Amazon. I have had mine for nearly two years and it continues to work really well.