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Easy Detoxification Tools

At the root of a lot of chronic illness, is a build up of toxins within our cells. 

This build up may come from an excess of stress, food or alcohol, parasites, yeast, candida, chemicals, bodily waste or all of the above. It’s also possible that your genetic makeup makes it harder to eliminate toxins (my DNA sequence makes it much harder for my body to detoxify naturally). There is also developing research that shows that toxins can be passed down through DNA.

Lastly, if you have Lyme Disease (or it is suspected), candida overgrowth, parasitic infection or some other related illness, there is a “shedding” that takes place that can lead to an accumulation of cellular waste and toxins over time that lower our body’s natural pH, making it more challenging for your body to rejuvenate naturally.

The great news, is that our bodies can still heal themselves regardless of your genetic makeup or the disease you have been diagnosed with. It is less important to know the exact reason behind why there is a toxic buildup and more important to do what feels good to your body. The same way that you may feel better when you clean out and reorganize your closets, your cells may feel better and move better if there is less sludge to work around.


Detoxing was a Key Step in my Healing

When I started implementing gentle detoxification protocols into my life, I started to feel better and had less headaches, more mental clarity, less brain fog and more physical strength. Detoxing was also the first shift away from a pain mindset and onto just another way to have a healthier body.

My detoxification protocol:

Today, sweating, primarily through Hot Yoga, is the main go-to detoxification method that I use. I do still use all of the other items on this list, but as my body has gotten healthier, I have become less sensitive to foods and environments and require less of some of these methods, particularly the IR Sauna and Salt Float.

I drink green juice daily. It is a wonderful way to get good vitamins and minerals in my gut, promote regularity, keep my immune system strong, and balance my internal PH. I drink it first thing in the morning after some water to make sure my gut’s microbiome gets a fresh start. I like the Suja brand (Uber Greens) – just make sure to use one that has minimal sugar (no added sugar).

The Bemer Mat helps encourage blood flow in our microcapillary blood systems. By promoting more circulation in our bodies, it can support healing and stagnation, in addition to promoting deeper rest and relaxation.

What does this have to do with detoxication? 

When increasing circulation, the Bemer also encourages built up sludge to exit the body. Even on the most gentle setting, the Bemer was too much for me when I first got it. I actually started by drinking water that had been energized through the Bemer. This was enough to aid in the detoxification process so that I could eventually work up to using the mat. Now, I use the mat nightly and it’s a lovely way to relax and help my cells to open up.

This is a very relaxing and therapeutic treatment with no negative side effects. You can see what I use and read more about how I use it and what to expect here.

Note: it is not recommended for those who have a pacemaker and open sores or lesions on his/her feet. People with Diabetes Type I should use with precaution. As with any of these tools, please consult your doctor with any questions.

Bring a friend and sit in an IR sauna for 30 minutes to 1 hour periodically. There are different settings based on your needs and preferences. Honor your body and don’t overdo it.

salt float it is a really lovely way to relax your nervous system, detoxify and receive healing minerals. I was extremely tired and wired (chronic fight or flight) when I used the salt float, and I found that the salt float, with its gentle music and cool lights was one of the only ways outside of CranioSacral Therapy that my nervous system could really settle.

Today, I don’t use the salt float a whole lot just for the sake of time, but instead take several epsom salt baths a week. It does the trick if you cannot access a salt float. 

I used to drink detoxification shakes like Xymogen OptiCleanse for breakfast as another gentle way to detoxify and get in some morning protein. Xymogen products can only be purchased through authorized resellers (ex: naturopaths, chiropractors or holistic doctors offices). Like all the other items on this list, these shakes are gentle on most bodies. Consult your doctor for more information.

The Key to Detoxing

I think the key to detoxing is actually to adopt simple, sustainable tools that help you feel good and are easy for you use over the course of your life. Long term, gentle detoxing protocols will help your body to maintain its alkalinity (along with a balanced diet) and help your organs and cells to be healthier all the way around. 

When we support the body, we support the mind. When we support the mind, we support the body. All parts work hand in hand to create balance.

Questions about these tools?
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