Needing Rest vs. Receiving Rest

Needing rest and receiving rest may sound like similar statements, but I see them as being distinctly different.

Let me explain:

Needing rest puts us in a state where we are looking for outside sources to give us what we need. In this state, we are dependent upon our circumstances and those around us to fill us up and give us nourishment. Being depending on others for what we need will go only so far, and ultimately, will have us returning over and over to external things, people or therapies that we think will heal whatever ails us. 

Receiving rest is deeply different.

Receiving rest means we still keep our power as we fill our tanks and receive divine nourishment. You can receive all the same therapies and treatments, but this time you are in the driver’s seat. Ultimately, you are offering yourself what you need in an act of self-love and compassion. 

I believe many of us who have experienced trauma or chronic physical pain have a deep-seated self-trust issue. On some level, we think the healing is out there instead of inside. Past experiences may have taught us not to trust ourselves. That what we truly dream about or desire will not happen. That we are lacking in some way on our own. That on some level we are not WORTHY. 

Here’s the truth: We are perfectly equipped with every tool and everything we need already. Anything external that we need to help us achieve our goals will arrive right on time. But we have to ask for it. Like receiving, the act of asking also means that we still keep our power. We are respecting and loving ourselves so much that we are acting in our highest self-interest. 

Receive self-love. Receive healing. Ask for anything else you need. Open your heart to receive and BELIEVE.

Receiving also means trusting.

Needing = Dependence
Receiving = Trusting

Receiving means trusting our higher selves. It means trusting our divine creator. It means releasing control. 

In order to really receive, we must surrender. Surrender our need for control. Our need to be right. Need to do it our way. And trust that there are no mistakes. 

You are worthy of receiving all good things. Claim what you need to receive. Choose it. And believe that it will happen.

I have written a meditation on being worthy that helped me open my heart to receiving. Download it here.

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