My Healing Protocol

I have spent over ten years exploring all sorts of different alternative therapy [modalities]. Learning about different modalities has been wonderful and they all have their place, BUT(!) they will not fully heal TMS. The only thing that fully heals TMS is awareness about what it, believing that TMS is the issue, and working through it using Dr. Sarno’s methods. 

Why share a healing protocol?

Journaling, meditation, talk therapy and other therapies can all be helpful in clearing TMS, but when we support the body, we also support the mind and spirit. I have found that sometimes I need more integration between the body, mind and spirit than the traditional TMS methods listed above. My mind usually takes over and runs the show, which has a tendency to run my body ragged.

All parts work in tandem and by supporting each part individually, we support the whole, which is why I’ve documented my own healing protocol below.

My Healing Protocol:

  1. Healing Back Pain by Dr. John Sarno (Book)
    I have not done a lot of the traditional TMS protocols for healing, but awareness is everything! I am convinced that knowledge is power and if you do nothing but read this book, you may find everything you need.
  2. Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST)
    Repressed emotions get stored in the tissue and releasing those blocks is really key to moving into your future. [Cranial Sacral Therapy] was a critical starting point in my healing journey because I had to learn how to honor my body through my mind and spirit.

    Journaling, EFT, EMDR, Talk Therapy and other modalities are all other ways to access hidden emotions, beliefs and thought patterns – each have their own place and I recommend changing it up periodically so that other layers can be revealed and healed.
  3. Yoga
    [Yoga] is a gentle way to get your body moving and feel good. It also reminds us to be kinder and more compassionate to ourselves and provides a safe container for our nervous systems to settle.
  4. Detoxing
    For those of us with very long term, chronic illness that is more widespread than physical pain, it’s possible that your cells may benefit from some very gentle [detoxification protocols]. The same way that you may feel better when you clean out and reorganize your closets, your cells may feel better and move better if there is less sludge to work around.

    The more GENTLE detoxing I did, the better I felt. Detoxing was also the first shift away from a pain mindset and onto just another way to have a healthier body.
    • Foot detox – this is very relaxing and therapeutic. You can see what I use [here].
    • IR sauna – bring a friend and sit in an IR sauna for 30 minutes to 1 hour periodically. There are different settings based on your needs and preferences. Honor your body and don’t overdo it.
    • Salt float – A salt float it is a really lovely way to relax your nervous system, detoxify and receive healing minerals. I was extremely tired and wired (chronic fight or flight) when I used the salt float, and I found that the salt float, with its gentle music and cool lights was one of the only ways outside of CST that my nervous system could really settle.
    • Green juice – I drink green juice daily. It is a wonderful way to get good vitamins and minerals in my gut, promote regularity, keep my immune system strong, and balance my internal PH. I like the Suja brand (Uber Greens) – just make sure to use one that has minimal sugar (no added sugar).
    • Bemer Mat – The Bemer Mat helps encourage blood flow in our microcapillary blood systems. By promoting more circulation in our bodies, it can support healing and stagnation, in addition to promoting deeper rest and relaxation.

      What does this have to do with detoxication? When increasing circulation, it also encourages built up sludge to exit the body. It is VERY important to note, that even on the most gentle setting, the Bemer was too much for me. I actually started by drinking water that had been energized through the Bemer. This was enough to aid in the detoxification process so that I could eventually work up to using the mat. Now, I use the mat nightly and it’s a lovely way to relax.

      NOTE! With detoxing and ALL other tools offered here, it is really important to not get fixated on any of these items. Part of the TMS “trap” is focusing on one issue or solution instead of what’s really happening – unsuppressed emotions and beliefs – notably anger, rage, and fear. Often, we have these suppressed emotions because we feel unworthy – unworthy of love, of safety, of joy. There is much written on these subjects and something we will explore on this blog, but the bottom line is this: Tools are just tools. They will not “fix” pain or illness because these issues are coming from within.

      Make sure to check out my litmus test below when it comes to using these tools.
  1. EFT (I recommend using a coach if you can) & Reiki
    • EFT or Tapping is a safe and gentle way to allow suppressed emotions and unconscious beliefs to come to the surface, as well as acknowledge and heal parts of us that we may have keep tucked away.
    • Reiki is a helpful way to support subtle shifts in vibrational/energetic frequencies.

      Why do we need to shift our vibrations?
      We often get accustomed to living at a certain energetic vibrational comfort levels. To make significant shifts, we have to change our vibrations, which also changes our thought patterns and how we feel in our bodies and the world. EFT and Reiki are nice and very gentle ways to do this without having to dig into past trauma.
  2. Supplements
    I take three things every day (plus green juice) to help me feel my best:
    1. [Thrive capsules]
    2. [Calm Magnesium]
    3. [Oxylent Multi Vitamin]
  3.  Mindset Guardrails/Journaling/Meditation
    Taking ownership of your healing is really critical. While receiving healing through other modalities is very helpful, it is just as important to get quiet with yourself and check in – even if it’s only for 5 minutes each morning.Often, we resist what we need the most. I am working on making these elements a more regular part of my self-care.
    • [See more on mindset]
    • [See more on journaling]
    • [See more on meditation]
  4.  Apple Watch
    Getting an Apple Watch led to an unexpected shift in my exercise regimen. By setting up daily activity goals, I started becoming more aware of my daily routine, which led to gradual shifts in my workout habits.

    Changes in my workout habits prompted me to begin listening to more podcasts, which fed my mind and helped me to establish my own [mindset guardrails], which I previously didn’t even know I needed.
  5. Other forms of exercise
    Yoga is my foundational “home base” for workouts, but adding other forms of exercise such as running, walking, swimming, biking and weightlifting has helped my yoga practice and my overall feeling of wellbeing. Do what feeds your soul and challenges your spirit.
  6. Melt Method hand and foot balls
    Melt Method hand and foot balls work on the pressure points in your feet and hands to release tension patterns. These balls work similarly to a reflexology massage, but this is better because you can do this at home and on the road! I find that these balls help relieve tension not only in my feet and hands, but also in my calves, hips, glutes, shoulders and neck.

While many things on this list will not resolve TMS or take away pain, they do serve to support the physical and energetic body, which is important increase overall health.

My “Litmus Test” for using physical tools & treatments

One of the ways I measure if I should continue using a tool or cease is by asking “Why do I want to do this?” or “What is this serving?” – it is VERY important to be clear about what the motivation is behind using additional tools. If I never used any of these tools again, I would not stress out. That’s an important distinction. I don’t NEED any of these tools for my body to be ok. My body IS ok and I’m merely using them as additional ways to support my beautiful body the same way that I would with yoga, going for a walk, or eating something nourishing.

Ready for the next level? Check out the Mindset Method

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