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Mindset Methods

Upgrading my mindset was not something that I realized I needed until I embarked on a more vigorous exercise routine and started listening to Mindset Podcasts like Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast on my daily walks.

While I had done a lot of inner work already, changing up my daily habits allowed other beliefs, thoughts and patterns to come to the surface, where they could be examined, healed, discarded or reframed.

I started to realize that in order to maximize my opportunities to leave this planet better than I found it, I needed to establish my own “Mindset Guardrails” to give myself a stronger mental framework that I could build on top of.

Listening to podcasts and reading books that fed my spirit helped me to became more aware of stories that I was telling myself that limited my potential and tied me to my past (career, health, home, etc.). It also helped me to receive more clarity about what I value and what is important to me.

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Between my personality traits and years of chronic illness, I often just “went with the flow,” not prioritizing my own personal development and having a subtle but chronic reliance on others: my spouse, doctors, family members, coworkers, etc.

Shifting my mindset gave me the awareness to realize that I was either reinforcing old thought patterns and beliefs or creating new wiring to support my future.

Until we become aware of these patterns and try new ways of going through life, our future will continue to look like our past.

My "Ah Ha" Moments

Exercise was the framework for a lot of major shifts. It started with running or walking every day and has morphed into getting up at 5:30 am and going to hot yoga. This is a gradual process, but committing to feeling good and putting one foot in front of the other is how it starts.

Earlier in my healing journey, I struggled greatly with adrenal fatigue, so it was very hard to have a consistent exercise program. I started using Thrive Supplements and Patches around the same time that I found out about TMS. Thrive gave my body key nutrients that I was missing, which helped me to build more muscle mass and feel physically stronger – this helped me to exercise much more consistently, which then led to other changes.

Over the years, I suppressed a lot of things in my life – both good and bad – and didn’t even realize that I was doing it. I blocked out a lot of what felt good because my perception of life was that those things were not realistic or attainable. (This is a classic trauma response by the way.) When I started more of a growth mindset that fed my natural instincts, I became more aware of other things that fed my spirit.

I would say I was 85% committed to my life before establishing mindset guardrails. I believed I was responsible for my life and my actions, but there was this other part that believed that if I didn’t fully claim my life, then I couldn’t be responsible when things didn’t turn out the way I planned. Ultimately, this was coming from a place of fear – fear of not being enough and fear of being disappointed. When I fully committed to living my life 100% I woke up to a lot more possibilities.

Repetition is really important and it’s easy to fall back into old ways, especially if you are in the midst of “leveling up.” It is key to establish physical and mental habits that you can maintain long term, as well as cultivate regular reminders of WHY you want to grow. Watch this video. 

I did not realize that I had a deep-seated feeling of unworthiness. It was hidden by my fear of letting it come out into the open – probably coming from a fear of success (of all things) and. What came out of that awareness was a worthiness affirmation and letting the Truth come into my cells and my spirit.

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