Calm Magnesium

What it is:

A magnesium powder that dissolves easily into water.

How it helps:

If you are prone to muscle spasms, especially in your hamstrings or feet – perhaps experiencing frequent “Charlie horses”, you may benefit from an added boost of magnesium. Occasionally, magnesium deficiencies may also manifest in the form of eye twitches. I also find that it helps my body to feel more relaxed, which helps with sleep.

Why you might need it:

In theory, we should receive all the nutritional support that we need via our food and a multi-vitamin and not need to take extra magnesium. However, in today’s Western lifestyle, stress, alcohol, refined sugar, and processed foods consume a lot of magnesium, requiring higher magnesium intakes than what we would have needed 50 years ago.

When we don’t have the magnesium readily available to process these substances, our bodies will go into our bones to get the nutrition it needs to stay in balance. Magnesium plays an important role in keeping calcium levels balanced, so if you are experiencing regular muscle cramps, your body may be struggling to maintain the magnesium/calcium balance in your bones.

How to take it:

I have used Calm Magnesium powder for about 15 years and take it every evening before bed. This supplement is something my entire family takes, as well as many of my friends and coworkers – highly recommend!

Simply stir some into some warm or cold water, let it dissolve and drink.

Where to Buy

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