Inside Out Living is dedicated to offering information and resources to help you heal the mind, body and spirit from the inside out and to help you find freedom and joy from living a low-grade life so you can move more fully into who you are called to be.

It is offered to support and encourage those living with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, physical pain, trauma, abuse, autoimmune issues, chronic fear/anxiety, TMS, and other stress-related issues that are keeping you stuck in the muck.

You are a born healer and your body knows the way. Throughout life, we sometimes forget our power and settle for lies, allowing stress and fear to take hold. And this can have a very real impact on our health. The great news is that healing, freedom and JOY are always available for you to come back to at any time.

About me

I struggled with not enoughness for most of my life, seeking external validation to reinforce my sense of self-worth. On the outside, I appeared have it all together, but physical pain that started at a very young age became an overarching theme in my life. Physical pain morphed into many manifestations of illness as stress, anxiety, and fear crept in and took up more space for about 30 years.

As time went on, I became more disconnected from the Truth and I gave away more of my power to doctors who were “experts.” I became dependent on finding a diagnosis, on opiates, and any treatment that would take the pain and chronic fatigue away. 

On my healing journey, I discovered that physical issues are often manifestations of what is happening at a deeper level. Our outer worlds are mirrors of what is happening in our souls. Simply put, chronic physical pain and disease are often an outer expression of an inner pain.

Our outer worlds are mirrors of what is happening in our souls. Simply put, chronic physical pain and disease are an outer expression of an inner pain.

Healing is an inside job. The expression of healing is what happens on the outside.

The purpose of this blog is to share my story and experiences with chronic stress and the mind-body connection, as well as tools and resources that have helped me, so that we can learn from each other and collectively heal. Living a life full of freedom and joy is always possible – we just have to remember the way back.

Welcome to the Human Experience.

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